We Are Multichoice Approved Installers

What does being a Multichoice Approved Level 4 DStv installer mean for you?

Perform Installation Services according to MCA Technical Standards.

As an approved DStv installer we are obliged to possess and maintain fibre optic and hybrid systems by use of expensive measuring equipment to ensure that you get the best possible signal quality in communal and commercial installations.

Approved Level 4 DStv installers may ONLY use approved DStv fibre equipment available only from approved DStv System Integrators’ suppliers that is correctly designed for the specific type of installation, we may not make use of cheaper inferior products that could jeopardize your reception quality.

You have recourse, if you are unhappy with our products or services you can report your issues to Multichoice who will take up your issues with us.

How we can help you

Choose a solution:

  • Property developers & engineers are not usually experts in fibre optics and MATV cable layout conceps, and what recommanded future proof equipment they should design into the builiding to enable us to provide the required services at a minimum cost to the client
  • On new building we work closely with the electrical contractors who will provide the cable reticulation and distances
  • Built dedecuted fibre for DStv & Data services to the unit
  • Access to the installation location of the satellite dish, the builders scaffolding will not be there after the site has been completed, so what about the subsequent maintenance?
  • An assessment of the risk invloved during the installation phase of the project
  • SMATV head end and equipment must be housed in an accesible well ventilated location for maintenance and free of hazrds
  • Manhole reticulation
  • We offer Service Level Agreements to accommodate any on going maintenance and repairs to all our corporate systems For as low as R30 per unit per month
  • Quick response and telephonic technicall support
  • Trouble shooting faulty systems or installations
  • Lightning-strike damage
  • Damage caused by load shedding and power surges
  • DSTV error massages
  • Additional TV points