what we offer:

Aerial Sat Solutions offers a wide range of multiswitches with integrated digital Single Cable Router (dSCR) technology. With our family of multiswitches, you can connect up to 5 Multichoice Explora Set-Top Boxes (STBs) for multi-room applications using only one coax cable only supposed to four!

Our DStv Hybrid system is a plug and play system. NO COMMUNAL SETTINGS REQUIRED!

Multichoice Approved Solution - DStv Hybrid source systems are the recommended design by Multichoice for DStv distribution of housing on large or wide premises. NO UPGRADE WILL BE REQUIRED!

Tenants save R800 on Explora installation. NO DStv SMART SWITCH WILL BE REQUIRED!

The products are designed to support a wide range of new and existing 2 cable DStv multiswitch systems installations .Have a mixed network of decoders, not a problem with our dSCR family of multiswitches. Auto detection of what type of decoder is on the network is built-in to all our solutions.

Interested in a DStv Hybrid Distributional System?

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