DStv Communal System Solutions

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Communal satellite installations are mainly by flats, town house complexes or exclusive apartments. Communal systems provide both TV and DStv Signals which are transmitted to more than one area or unit using the same aerial or DStv satellite dish. Here at Aerial Sat Solutions we deliver the most affordable communal installations by accredited and certified technicians that have more than five years of experience when it comes to communal installations, you can enjoy the following range of benefits:

  • Value added to property
  • Reduction of individual satellite sishes or aerials
  • Future proof systems
  • Plug and play

The types of communal DStv installation we recommend are DStv Over Fibre & DStv Hybrid system, needed varies according to the type and size of the property. If you have a previously installed communal system it will need to be upgraded for the DStv High-Band Satellite and Digital Terrestrial Television migration. In cases where the communal system is older than ten years, an upgrade will most likely be needed or in some cases the system will need a complete replacement.

New Communal DStv Installations carried out by Aerial Sat Solutions are ready for the high bandwidth and digital signal switch-over and will not require any upgrade.

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