To utilize our skill to render services. We are going to use our expertise and experience to be a leading installation companies all over Gauteng. Aerial Sat Solutions strive to give quality service, supplying technologically advanced products, solutions and services that benefit the businesses, the industry and the society. We currently upgrading DStv satellite communal system complexes and estates onto fibre Or Unicable to ensure end users don’t get affected as Multichoice will be expanding their bandwidth to High Band, currently they on the Low Band.

We want to build a sustainable business that will expand in other provinces through the service we provide by building a relationship with engineer consultants, developers together with construction companies to achieve possible future proof solution for end users and add value to the property itself with a less maintenance cost. With only 5 years in the business we cultivated an impressive roster of clients and have been contracted by large different companies from which mostly it’s by word-of-mouth recommendation, which simply means we have met the right standards with a positive attitude to our previous client. We are proud to play a critical role in their continued success.